Established in 2014, Rich & Rich Consultancy has grown to become one of prominent providers of training and consulting services with quality and integrity. We believe that education and learning experiences transcend the boundaries of a classroom and for over 6 years, we have proudly and positively impacted more than 5,000 lifes to the bumiputera entrepreneurs.

We provides guidance and business services to assist entrepreneurs in solving business problems or increase their performance and productivity of entrepreneurs through advice and effective quality control of qualified coaches. Service guidance or “business coaching” is a method of counselling to improve the ability of entrepreneurs in the intricacies of the business is geared towards maximum achievement of the objectives of a business.


We strive to be a leading provider of life changing education hub aiming to assist 1,000 startup entrepreneurs to grow a minimum sales revenue of RM500,000.00 yearly by 2030.           


»  To keep Bumiputra entrepreneurs to be ready into international and level up business platform.

»  To leverage technology to embrace change in client’s business strategies.

»  To share the best experience in the market with the best and powerful courses in the business industry.            

tempahan bilik seminar subang jaya


Aim to stimulate growth & to be more competitive in our business industry. 

More creative in a modern business flow & in line with the latest technology.

Develop the spirit of perseverance and commitment among staff to produce high quality of performance. 


We believe that performing to the highest standard on behalf trainers, employees & owners is fundamental to our identity as an organization. 

We believe that our greatest potential can only achieved in a collaborative environment of common purpose and shared success.

We believe that challenging the status quo in a changing world demands innovative thinking & dedication to growth.